Friday, August 9, 2013

Next, Please

So, my AdSense application was rejected today. The reason? "Insufficient content." I'm a bit miffed, but now that I'm thinking about it, it makes perfect sense. Once this is actually up, I will have two posts. Two. What advertiser in their right mind would pay to put their content on a blog with nothing on it and no way to figure out its target audience? Heck, I'm pretty sure I don't really have an audience yet.

Thankfully, the lack of content thing is fairly easy to fix. My brain is constantly going anyway, so all I need to do is translate it to words, edit out the irrelevant stuff, and make sure my ranting is followable.

Speaking of, I really would like input when you've had some time to figure out what you like reading here. I do know that's going to take a bit, since I'm essentially still building this blog. It might well just follow my thoughts on how Mom and I are doing, since we're both starting over at awkward times in life to start over.

I do think I'm going to take the advice of the gent over at All Japanese All The Time and "start over dirty", as he calls it. (By the way, his take on disclaimers is hilarious. Also, for future reference, unless I say I'm getting compensated for something--and I WILL get to that point, even if it takes me a decade--any reviews or links or whatever I put up are there because I like them and/or they are relevant to something in that post.) "Starting over dirty" means starting over with a new method without ditching everything you've already learned and done. At this very second, that means for me that I should use here what I already know about life and business to help with my own.

For example, I might take "insufficient content" to be roughly equal to "not enough experience". Not having the experience is why I'm not doing the job I wanted to right now. What did I do? I went looking for a way to get the experience, and I'm currently earning it. I'll be able to apply for similar jobs within a year or so, if I want. (Said jobs do not involve sitting at a desk all day, if you're wondering. :) ) What does that mean for my blog? Keep blogging, of course! How else is one going to build up content?

I do not intend to just dump one-sentence posts or rattle on, brain-barfing pointless drivel to up my post count. (If anything, that sounds like a good way to keep your view count far too low to be worth even derisive laughter.) If nothing else, it will at least be something I think is cool, stupid, interesting, or funny with an accompanying commentary. Nobody should be paying anybody for useless nonsense, even they will probably never have to read it.

Yes. I believe I like this plan. I still don't know if I will even have a primary topic, but I don't particularly care, either. This is my blog, and it shall be whatever I choose to make of it. It's not like I can't make another blog if I want to write about something that ends up not fitting here. As it is, it seems to be what I sais earlier: my (and maybe my mother's)adventures in setting up an alternative income, and all of the self-helpy, psychology-spouting navel gazing and brain reorganizing that go with them. I know that's been done before--I'm not blind, or stupid--but what mystery lover reads only Sherlock Holmes? It's the new things that a new person brings to the table, how they see that thing or plot that sort of crime that keeps people coming back to the genres they love. 'Tis simply a matter of whether I am cut out to write the genre it seems I have chosen.

We shall see, we shall see.

Have a lovely whatever-time-of-day, if you can, and I shall see you next time.



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