Thursday, August 15, 2013

Political Polls Confuse Me

The other day I got a call from somebody running a political survey thing, y'know, one of those, "Oh, we'll only take a few minutes of your time; we'd just like to ask you a few questions about your political stance on x-y-z," things that actually take closer to half an hour than five minutes.

I'm not going to complain more about the time thing; I'm used to that. Phone surveys always take longer than what they say. What threw me for a loop was he asked whether I considered myself a "born-again Christian" or an "evangelical Christian." Wait, what? Last I checked, all actual Christians are "born again." It's a bit like asking if something is a quadrilateral or a square. Evangelicals are a kind of Christians, and squares are a kind of quadrilaterals. That's the way that works.

Apparently, whoever wrote the thing didn't know their Christian-ese. I'd understand that if they were just laypeople, but if you're doing something professional, know your audience, 'k? Especially if you'd like some useful answers.

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